We promote a safer sports culture by engaging with athletes directly, inspiring a brain-first mindset during competition, and providing avenues for teams to do their part to protect the health of all players in the game. 

Raising awareness is what we do, and our background as athletes personally affected by concussions creates a unique platform to have an impact. 


We collect the latest literature on concussions and make the information more digestible, creating an accessible toolbox of information to best educate the public.

We understand that everyone's recovery is not always easy or linear; consequently, we are doing our part to support individuals suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome by sending packages and pick-me-up letters to kids who need help. 


We seek to expand the conversations surrounding concussions, which are too often simplified and over-generalized.  The complexities and nuances of this injury deserve more attention, including Post Concussion Syndrome, whiplash, vestibular disorders and mental health.

As such, we plan to collaborate with experts in the field to strengthen concussion policies, enhance diagnostic and treatment protocols, and increase patient access to quality care. We also hope to contribute funds to expand the scope of research surrounding concussions.