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The Team Rep's role is to serve a a leader in promoting a safer sports culture surrounding concussions within his or her team. The New Tough Team Rep is typically a member of a sports team, but among youth teams, the Rep can also be a parent, coach, or director. Read the following information and then fill out the Team Rep Form.

Become New Tough

Share this link (http://headwayfoundation.com/new-tough-athlete) with your teammates/players. Once your teammates/players watch the video and make the pact, we encourage you to spearhead the team's participation in creating a video and/or taking a picture, and sharing it with your friends on social media.

Learn more about New Tough here.
See some videos here.

Distribute Headway Stickers

Once you complete the New Tough Team Rep Form, we will mail you Headway Stickers for you and your teammates/players. Share the stickers and sport them on your helmets! Headway Stickers serve as a symbol and reminder of the New Tough commitment. Read more about our logo and the stickers here.

Promote a dialogue about concussions within your team:

Why is this initiative important to you and why could this be important for your team? Have you personally suffered from concussions? Do you want to support a teammate/player who has been sidelined by a concussion? Do you believe players can and should do a better job reporting symptoms? We encourage you to take this initiative to a more personal level.

Check out our website for educational resources and share them with your team.  

Do you have a teammate who is suffering from post-concussion symptoms. Let them know about Our Concussion Circle.

Learn more about concussions, diagnoses, and treatment here.


Any questions? Reach out to us at info@headwayfoundation.com