Welcome to Headway! 

Thanks for checking out our website. Whatever your reasons for visiting, there is one we know for certain:

Athletes with concussions need support. 

We know this because each of us has lived and fought through our own concussion battles.

We are familiar with the tireless internet searches, the endless doctors’ appointments, the unanswered questions and the uncertainties related to lingering post-concussion symptoms. While we never thought this would be our path, the Headway Foundation began through our shared journeys and struggles.

For Danny, it began in 2011 after he suffered a career-ending concussion during a game. He withdrew from Yale during his final semester, where he struggled to receive proper medical care during a nine month recovery.  

In August 2012, Josephine was forced to do the same.  She left Harvard before her senior season after enduring a concussion while playing for the National Women’s Ice Hockey team.  

In November 2013, Paige suffered a career-ending concussion of her own. She struggled through her final semester at Yale only to end up taking a leave of absence from her job soon after graduating.

While the concussion diagnoses were the same, our recovery paths took different courses.

Danny began to benefit from physical therapy applied to his neck. Although he was improving and managing his post-concussive symptoms, he experienced another major concussion setback in March 2015.  This led to another lengthy period filled with doctors' visits, ongoing physical therapy and more unanswered questions.  

Josephine, who went on to earn a Silver Medal in the 2014 Olympics, was fortunate to recover from an entirely different approach within a year. She underwent therapy that rehabilitated her vestibular system, incorporating a series of daily eye exercises to combat mental fatigue, headaches and disorientation.  

Paige struggled to find the proper medical care for over two years, enduring a number of setbacks and misdiagnoses. She began to recover after undergoing rehabilitation geared at treating the whiplash injury associated with her concussion - a factor that had been overlooked and mistreated by the medical field.

After we reconnected and shared experiences with one another, an unsettling theme began to emerge:

Our journeys reflect the gaps in concussion management,
and too many people don’t know where to turn.  

Doctors, medical centers, universities, sports organizations and media experts all have their own perception on ways to manage this injury. While progress is being made, we feel that an important voice is missing: ours - the athletes, the patients who have lived and continue to live with these symptoms. We saw a need for this voice, so we created an athlete, patient focused initiative, driven by none other than athletes and patients themselves.    

We want our perspective to be a part of the conversation, and we are ready to weigh in on these issues from a positive and productive angle. We hope to leverage our collective experiences to help others and to drive the dialogue forward.

It is our goal to ensure concussions are handled properly, beginning with prevention
and symptom reporting, and continuing with treatment, support and recovery.

With a team of passionate individuals - from high school, collegiate and professional athletes to doctors, educators, coaches, trainers, and parents - behind our cause, we hope to make a difference for others.


Your Co-Founders – Paige, Josephine and Danny