David Anderson's Community Story - Strokes of Genius

Stop everything, wait nothing is making sense, I can’t see anything, the headaches never stop, I’m so nauseous I can’t even eat, noise and light are too much. The world is too much. I don’t belong here anymore.

That’s how I felt after my concussion. Everyone’s concussion is a little different, I found out I had acquired savant syndrome caused by the concussion. It’s an extremely rare instance where dormint Savant skills emerge at prodigious levels after a brain injury.

My skill is the ability to draw and paint, it was not there before, and it has its own rhythm... I paint and draw very quickly like a conductor with his Orchestra, my world disappears and for that moment, I sometimes forget about my concussion and allow the emotions to pour from me into my hands and onto the canvas.

Recently I’ve been painting cacti, I feel a connection, a stillness and loneliness but resilient and tough but ultimately barren as well. I will never get back what I lost, I hope to someday be symptom-free, but at least I can make the world a little more beautiful, more purposeful with paint and those strokes flowing from somewhere deep inside my brain.

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