Headway Featured at NYU Community Education Event

On Wednesday, February 20, Sarah Renberg along with Headway’s Medical Advisory Board Member, Dr. Carrie Esopenko participated in NYU Langone Health Concussion Center’s community education event “Women and Concussion: Do We Need to Be More Concerned?”


Studies suggest that in sports that are offered to both genders, such as soccer and basketball, females have higher rates of concussion. Patients, family members, physicians, and researchers came together at NYU Langone to discuss differences between women and men when it comes to concussion—in terms of injury risk, presentation of symptoms, treatment, and recovery.

Renberg represented the female/athlete perspective, sharing her story, artwork, and work with Headway Foundation.

Dr. Esopenko discussed findings from the research on sex differences as it pertains to neck strength and imaging studies which she leads at the Rutgers University Brain Health Lab.

They were joined on the panel by Dr. Elizabeth Barchi, Selena Ching, and Dr. Tamara Wexler.

Physicians discussed the differences in symptom reporting, recovery timeline, and potential hormonal changes that can contribute to different responses to concussion between males and females. Researchers offered perspectives on both the disparities in research on concussion in women versus men, and opportunities for future projects, which include identifying underlying causes of increased risk, and hormonal shifts after a concussion.

While there is more work to be done, community members came away better informed about how concussions may manifest in women and issues to be aware of in treatment. “We are fortunate to have had an excellent panel of guests to discuss this very important topic,” said Dina Pagnotta, PT, MPH, administrative director for the center.

A big thanks to NYU for hosting us!

Headway Foundation