Renberg, Bydalek, Pucci, and Otto Present at Schools

Renberg Speaks at Delaware County, PA Concussion Education Conference

Headway's Sarah Renberg spoke before winter sports to Delaware County, PA school psychologists to aid in their understanding of life with TBI/Concussion and what they can do to support the students in their school. This conference was unique because it focussed solely on the emotional elements of recovery and "return to life" that are so frequently overlooked.

In her talk Sarah took a deep dive into her struggles with learning, pride, self-confidence, and remaining positive throughout the frustration associated with recovery. She was able to give suggestions on how to best support those injured through what worked during her own journey.

Headway is proud to play a role in Delaware County's improving concussion management!


Bydalek Speaks at Bucks County, PA Concussion Education Conference


Headway's Addie Bydalek was a featured presenter at the Annual Bucks County School Concussion Conference this past January 29, 2018.

Bydalek shared the prospective of a concussed individual and offered recommendations for in class concussion management based off of her own personal experience and the experiences of the school-aged members of our Concussion Circle. She presented in the hopes of influencing new strategies for administrators to implement when helping a student with concussion or PCS to succeed in the classroom. 

She shared the stage with CHOP Physicians, school counselors and the event was well received by all in attendance.

Headway pride's itself in the ability to advocate for proper concussion management in schools.


Pucci Speaks at Villa Maria Academy in The Bronx, New York


Headway celebrated the middle school Physical Education winners during The Detective Steven McDonald Evening of Champions at Villa Maria Academy in the Bronx, NY. Pucci spoke before the Academy's middle school students about resilience, teamwork, and brain injury. Headway enjoyed being a part of this event, which recognized the student-athletes and those who persevered after injury and setback.



Otto Speaks to Ivy League Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

ivy league logo.png

Headway Co-Founder Danny Otto gave a presentation on his concussion experience and the role current athletes can play in injury management within the Ivy League. He spoke to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee's at their annual meeting which took place in New Haven, CT.

Headway continues to help with the Ivy League's efforts to improve concussion management.

The Ivy League consists of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, and UPenn.

To learn more about the Ivy League Student Athlete Advisory Committee and this event click below.

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