Connecting One on One with Headway's Concussion Circle

Our Concussion Circle is a truly unique program that serves as a daily, powerful reminder of why we created Headway and puts the community we serve at the forefront of our team’s minds. Through the Circle, the Headway team connects to those currently struggling with concussion and the challenges involved, provides the necessary support and guides based on our own experience. Together we have fostered a sense of community with a far reaching impact.

The Circle is currently comprised of 185 members each of whom has the opportunity to build a relationship with the Headway team member that reaches out. During the first two weeks of May alone, Headway team members have spent close to 900 minutes on the phone with members of our Circle. These conversations involve a wide array of topics such as treatment options, recovery tips, providing moral support, and supplying the latest research conclusions in layman's terms. In addition to phone calls, almost 100 Circle members have received pick-me-up packages from Headway. These include items such as personalized letters, a cookbook of brain healthy food options, Headway sunglasses, stress balls, and a recovery inspired Resilience T-Shirt.

Everyone at Headway has fought their way through their own concussion recovery at varying points in their lives. They have experienced first-hand the physical pain, frustration, and isolation that come with prolonged injury. They all refer to their experience as the most trying obstacle they’ve experienced yet, and owe their continued improvement to the support they received from others as they navigated the roller coaster ride that is concussion management. That is why each person on Team Headway prioritizes their work with the Concussion Circle and devotes ample time to ensure that each person who registers receives personalized, one-on-one mentorship. They also get access to our private Facebook group where circle members can interact with each other. We are excited to continue to grow this initiative over the summer as we add to our team.

Headway’s Program Development Coordinator, Sarah Renberg, explains, “one of the most critical points of my recovery was the opportunity to interact with those who have been through this process -- to know you aren’t alone, to get some advice, and if you’re lucky, some answers. Gaining a sense of communal support by connecting with people like Paige and Josephine was a game changer. It helped drive my recovery and ultimately the creation of the Headway that exists today.”

This mentality drives her to fit in that extra phone call or spend that extra ten minutes with someone who needs it even after a long day as a full-time college student.

Moreover, this constant interaction with the community we are trying to serve allows us to stay attune to the patient perspective in such a quickly evolving field. We can extrapolate from the members in our circle some of the best methods of management be it how to approach school administrations or some great tips on how to mitigate symptoms while traveling. We can also see common trends in injury management problems and better advocate for solutions.

Know someone who has sustained a concussion? Recommend they join the Circle today.


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