Headway Holds 2nd Annual Concussion Awareness Weekend

Over February 2-4, 2018, The Headway Foundation partnered with over 100 ice hockey teams for our Second Annual Concussion Awareness Weekend. The weekend was dedicated to promoting a safer sports culture surrounding concussions through education with a focus on symptom reporting and supporting teammates during recovery.

ECAC, NCHC, WCHA, NWHL, high school, and youth teams participated in a variety of initiatives to raise awareness and funds on behalf of the Headway Foundation including the New Tough Pact.

Over 3000 student athletes across the NCAA wore the signature Headway sticker on their hockey helmets as a reminder of their commitment to be New Tough and handle concussions properly. 

Teams also participated in a variety of social media outreach efforts to spread awareness for Headway's message. The CDC estimates that 69% of student athletes neglect to report possible concussion symptoms, and social media efforts were geared towards challenging this stigma. The teams took photos holding a Headway banner with the hashtag #ShiftConcussionCulture. Check them out below!

In addition, many players, teams, and leagues took to social media to promote a safer sports culture through posts of videos about New Tough, and individual commitments to the New Tough Pact. Check them out on our youtube channel here.

The Headway Foundation thanks everyone involved in spreading the concussion awareness message during this successful weekend. We hope you enjoy the highlight video!

Think you and your team are New Tough? Want to join in on this great initiative? If you would like to get your athletic team involved in a Concussion Awareness Weekend click here to Host A Game

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