Renberg Discusses The Return to Learn Process with Delaware County School Counselor Association

Headway’s Sarah Renberg spent a day with over 100 Delaware County, PA School Counselors representing the patient/student perspective in a discussion on improving concussion management in schools. She presented on concussion management strategies taken from her own personal experience and from the combined experiences of those of school age in the Concussion Circle and encouraged individualized support for students as they return to learning


At Headway, we pride ourselves in the ability to educate others and advocate from the student/athlete perspective to improve concussion management. The return to learn process is sometimes overlooked but is perhaps the most important component of recovery as an individual returns to life. Renberg was grateful for the opportunity to share her thoughts on the matter.

One of the easiest things to change she points out is increasing communication.

“Something as simple as effective communication between an injured student, parents, teachers, school nurses, and physicians (through written accommodations or instructions) can go a long way in mitigating the detrimental effects of added stress for the student.”

A big thank you to the Delaware County School Counselor Association and Penn State at Brandywine for hosting Headway!

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