Wesleyan University Runs First Ever Multi-Sport New Tough Concussion Awareness Weekend


Middletown, CT -- Over this past weekend, fall sports teams at Wesleyan University Athletics launched their increased partnership with the Headway Foundation for the 2018-2019 school year. This was the first ever school wide, fall sports concussion awareness weekend for any NCAA institution! Cardinal football, field hockey, soccer, cross country, and volleyball teams all participated by promoting Headway Foundation and taking Headway Foundation’s New Tough Pact.

We are excited to work with the Headway Foundation to raise awareness regarding concussions on our campus.  It is important that all of our student-athletes know the symptoms of concussions and are educated regarding the protocols implemented by Sports Medicine Staff.
— Mike Whalen, Wesleyan Athletic Director

Teams wore Headway stickers on their helmets and uniforms, promoted Headway’s mission in-game with various announcements and Headway banners were on site to spread awareness for such an important topic and issue in athletics, in addition to signing Headway’s New Tough Pact. The New Tough Pact was developed by Headway to prove mental toughness with a brain-first mindset by reporting concussion symptoms, supporting concussed teammates in recovery and playing the game within its rules. Alexis Banquer, a rising Junior at Wesleyan, and Ice-Hockey player, was on site all weekend and helped organize for the Headway Foundation on site--- “ After experiencing my third concussion this past season, I was eager to implement their platform throughout all sports teams at Wesleyan. Getting all contact and non-contact teams to commit to the New Tough Campaign helped to create a strong united front in a movement to shift concussion culture!”

Over the past two years, over 100 hockey teams around the country- professional, college, high school and youth—totalling more than 3,000 athletes, have participated in Headway’s annual Concussion Awareness Week (CAW) event. 2019 Concussion Awareness Week takes place from  Jan 28 - Feb 3, 2019.The goal of concussion awareness weekend  is to educate and encourage athletes to handle concussions properly, personally or in support of teammates, by redefining what it means to be tough.

Each of Headway’s three co-founders are NCAA hockey alumni—Paige Decker of Yale, Josephine Pucci of Harvard and Danny Otto of Yale—who suffered concussions during their collegiate playing careers.  If you are interested in the Headway Foundation, please visit http://headwayfoundation.com/.

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