Headway Presents at Big Ten-Ivy League TBI Summit

Headway participated in the 5th annual Big Ten-Ivy League TBI Summit July 17th-19th hosted by the Big Ten Academic Alliance in Rosemont, IL. The event is held every year for school affiliated doctors, athletic trainers, coaches and researchers to share information on the latest findings in concussion prevention, diagnostics, and treatment. 

The Headway Co-Founders gave a presentation on the patient/athlete's perspective and introduced Headway's initiatives to over 130 attendees. Their goal was to provide detailed insight into what having a concussion is like for a student athlete athlete and suggest ways that schools can improve student-athlete experiences with concussion recovery. 

Josephine Pucci opened by introducing our organization. She outlined Headway's initiatives and explained the benefits of our resources and peer-to-peer approach.

Paige Decker took the audience through her recovery journey, highlighting the current flaws in concussion management and drawing particular attention to the link between whiplash and concussion. 

Danny Otto closed with a call to action, emphasizing the need for more organized communication amongst doctors and better access to interdisciplinary treatment.

"Better communication is needed to help athletes understand what tools are available after experiencing a concussion, and better communication is needed to successfully implement an interdisciplinary model...We need to achieve more rapid adoption on latest findings because there is still a significant lag with many people who are involved in some level of concussion management. These types of venues and efforts are a phenomenal first step, but we need to make sure the takeaways from today’s event are passed on to others and put into practice."

In addition, Otto, Decker, and Renberg drew attention to the relationship between whiplash and concussion.

Headway Advisory Board Members Dr. Christina Master and Dr. Mark Herceg also presented at the Summit. Dr. Master was part of a panel discussing ocular-motor dysfunction and Dr. Herceg represented neuropsychologists as a moderator.

The Headway Team had a great few days!


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