Headway Expands Concussion Circle


Over the last few months, the Headway team has taken strides towards expanding it's Concussion Circle program.  

The Circle program exists to connect with individuals currently in recovery from Post Concussion Syndrome. Individuals can reach out to our team by filling out a form on the Headway website and we work with them to provide moral support.

After receiving a number of submissions to join the Circle, Headway created four online support groups for people suffering from concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome. The goal of these groups is to connect similar individuals and foster a safe community to combat the isolation that plagues concussion recovery.

Within these groups, members have begun interacting with each other directly about a variety of topics. The 1990's age group has discussed the transition from high school to college with a concussion.

If you are suffering from concussion or PCS, sign up to be a member of our Concussion Circle and get connected to others just like you!

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