Headway Featured in Sports Illustrated

Headway Co-Founder Paige Decker was recently featured in Sports Illustrated in a long-form story chronicling her journey to recovery. In the article, "After Her Concussion Nightmare, Paige Decker is Dedicated to Keeping Athletes' Brains Healthy," written by Devon Heinen, Decker provides detailed insight into her experience with a concussion as well as her struggle to find effective medical care. She explains, “'A lot of good doctors failed me and a lot of them misdiagnosed me, but I think they all always had the right intentions and all genuinely wanted to help me.'" 

She also shares the fulfilling work she does through Headway and outlines how the organization began. In particular, the article highlight Headway's effort to shift sports culture through the New Tough Awareness Campaign

'“It is a tremendously difficult thing to do, to pull yourself out of a game, especially when the stakes are high,” Decker says. “It was tougher for me to pull myself out of a game and say I wasn’t okay than it was to keep playing with a brain injury, and it’s just because in sports there’s just a lot of pressure to be traditionally tough.”'

Headway's support efforts with the Concussion Circle and Brain Boxes are also discussed, as well as its plan to begin advocating for improved treatment protocols. "'We are not doctors,' Decker acknowledges. 'But our personal experience has tremendous value because we’ve lived through this and we know firsthand what the flaws are in the system as it exists now.'"

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