Renberg Speaks at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Concussion Conference


Sarah Renberg addressed an audience of medical professionals at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Annual Concussion CME Conference on March 3, 2017. The event is held every year for doctors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, optometrists, school faculty members, and others to learn from experts in the field of pediatric concussion about the latest findings in prevention, diagnostics, and treatment.

Renberg gave a presentation on the patient's perspective and introduced Headway's initiatives. Her goal was to provide detailed insight into what having a concussion is like for a teenage athlete and suggest ways that doctors can improve patient experiences. 

In her speech, Renberg provided two recommendations for doctors to consider as they evaluate concussion patients. First, she urged doctors to keep an open mind to less mainstream medicine modalities, as many of these treatments significantly improved her symptoms. 

"Neuroscientists, optometrists, physical therapists, and neuropsychologists can all add value to the concussion conversation and I urge all the MD's here today to keep an analytical but open mind when considering less 'mainstream' medicine. After all, Newton was persecuted for sharing his discoveries because he wasn’t recognized by the establishment and we still use his work to innovate today."

Secondly, Renberg's asked doctors to consider being more forthright if they are unsure what might be causing concussion symptoms. She explained, "Some of my past doctors, who weren’t up to date with the latest findings, led me on even though they clearly didn’t know how to help me...Research solutions, ask a colleague, or refer them to another expert but please, please don’t string them along." 

She also provided meaningful insight on the importance of making sure each patient has the necessary support at school. She concluded her speech with a screening of Headway's New Tough video, and later hosted a table with additional information on Headway. 

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