Headway Announces Partnership with ECAC Hockey


Headway is pleased to announce a partnership with ECAC Hockey for a Concussion Awareness Weekend on February 3-4, 2017.  Over 600 men and women student athletes from all twenty-four teams in the ECAC Hockey league will be participating in the event, which aims to promote a safer sports culture and encourage athletes to handle concussions properly.

In preparation for the weekend, all ECAC ice hockey players will take the New Tough Pact, pledging to report concussion symptoms, support concussed teammates in recovery, and play the game within its rules. "Knowledge is power and it is very important that we all look after ourselves and each other, and I think Headway promotes just that," says Audrey Warner, a sophomore on the Harvard Women's Ice Hockey team. 

Each athlete will be wearing Headway's signature sticker on their helmets as a symbol and reminder of their commitment. Teams will be making videos to share on social media and home rinks will have tables with additional information to spread awareness. "We want to make sure the right message is being sent to athletes about concussions. We want them to take the right steps if a concussion is suspected," says Headway co-founder Paige Decker. 

Teams will also play a role in fundraising with Headway's Goal Challenge. Fans will be able to pledge a donation for every goal their favorite ECAC Hockey school scores over the weekend. The men’s and women’s teams from each school will be working together to collect the most donations. The total goals scored from both men’s and women’s teams will be combined for a final tally. The school to raise the most money will be featured on both the ECAC and Headway websites.

To participate in the goals challenge, please go to www.headwayfoundation.com/ecachockey. All funds will go towards the New Tough Concussion Awareness Campaign.

To learn more about the New Tough Campaign and have your team take the Pact, please go to www.headwayfoundation.com/newtough

We look forward to seeing you at an ECAC hockey game near you February 3-4!

Headway Foundation