Interested in getting involved and contributing to the cause?

If you are a student-athlete:

  1. Become a New Tough Athlete and Team Rep. Promote a safer sports culture within your team or organization.
  2. Create a club on your college campus

If you are a licenced professional

  1. we would love to connect with you


  1. Fundraising
    1. Running a marathon? Doing a triathlon? Raise funds for Concussion Awareness, Education, and Resources for patients.
    2. Help execute a fundraise. Soul cycle event? Happy Hour? a 5k or walk?
  2. We connect with many people who are currently suffering from concussions every day. Although it take a lot of time to speak with many different people from across the country over the phone, we believe it makes a real difference to connect with those who have gone through a similar challenge.