The goal of the 2019 Concussion Awareness Week is to promote a safer sports culture surrounding concussions through Headway’s ‘New Tough’ Campaign, spread awareness, and provide educational resources for student-athletes.

Concussion Awareness Week provides a platform for athletes to unite in creating a positive mental shift in athletes' approach to concussions. Headway encourages an athlete-to-athlete, peer-to-peer approach. Professional players and collegiate student-athletes have the opportunity to serve as leaders during this initiative and hopefully have a positive influence on youth and high school athletes who simultaneously take part in the event.

Team Representative Description:

Each team will have 1 to 2 Team Reps who will serve as Headway’s point of contact for Concussion Awareness Week February 1-7, 2019. The Team Rep will help ensure everything is in place prior to the weekend, share concussion educational resources with teammates, and encourage support/enthusiasm around the cause. The New Tough Team Rep is typically a member of a sports team, but among youth teams, the Rep can also be a parent, coach, or director. 

Role of the Team Rep:

1. Become New Tough.

Share this link (http://headwayfoundation.com/new-tough-athlete) with your teammates/players. Once your teammates/players watch the video and make the pact, we encourage you to spearhead the team's participation in creating a video and/or taking a picture, and sharing it with your friends on social media.

Learn more about New Tough here.
See some videos here.

Distribute Headway Stickers

Once you complete the New Tough Team Rep Form, we will mail you Headway Stickers for you and your teammates/players (stickers are covered by Headway Foundation). Share the stickers and sport them on your helmets! Headway Stickers serve as a symbol and reminder of the New Tough commitment. Read more about our logo and the stickers here.

Please complete at the bottom of the page to let us know to whom (you, a teammate, an equipment manager, or a coach) and to where we should mail the stickers. Please provide a reliable address and expect these stickers to arrive between the second and forth week in January. 

Take a PICTURE with a Headway Banner

Below are examples of the pictures we are asking each team to take. We will mail the banner to the same address you provided for the stickers. Please take this picture either before the weekend or during the weekend. Please post this picture on social media directly and/or email this picture to info@headwayfoundation.com


You can also show support for teammates who may be out with injuries.

Videos are optional and can be released/posted on social media at anytime leading up to the Concussion Awareness Weekend. Please email videos to: info@headwayfoundation.com

Please share these videos on your teams social media outlets and encourage your teammates to share as well.

Check out more videos from the 2017 Concussion Awareness Weekend here: http://headwayfoundation.com/ecachockey/ 

Posting on social media:

Please connect with whomever runs your team social media accounts to post about Concussion Awareness Weekend (and/or connect us with them!). We encourage you and your teammates to post about the weekend as well!

Suggestions on what to post?

1) Picture of a Headway sticker on your helmet
2) Picture of your team with the Headway banner
3) The video you make
4) If your team is fundraising, share the link to the fundraising page.

Hashtags to use:


Follow us!

Twitter: @HeadwayFDN
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/headwayfoundation/?ref=bookmarks

Promote a dialogue on concussions within your team:

Why is this initiative important to you and why could this be important for your team? Have you personally suffered from concussions and want to convey a message to your team? Do you want to support a teammate who has been sidelined by a concussion? Do you believe players can and should do a better job reporting symptoms? We encourage you to take this initiative to a more personal level for you and your team.

Check out our website for additional resources! We will continue to share more educational resources for you and your teammates as Concussion Awareness Weekend approaches.

Please complete the form below. By doing so, you are confirming that you will act as a Team Rep for your given team in preparation for Concussion Awareness Weekend Feb 2-4, 2018. We look forward to working with you!!