Headway Athlete Ambassador Program

Headway is creating a group of committed collegiate, professional, or retired professional athletes who are looking have a positive impact on young student athletes who are currently suffering from post-concussion symptoms.

In becoming a Headway Athlete Ambassador, we ask that you serve as a leader and mentor in the following two ways:

1. Reach out to a young student athlete who is currently suffering from post-concussion syndrome.
Headway is directly connected with hundreds of people across the country who are currently striving to overcome post-concussion symptoms. Many members are youth and high school student-athletes who are struggling to get back to the lives they love and know. We ask that our Headway Athlete Ambassador will reach out to one of these members, whether that be sending a personalized note of encouragement or making a phone call, and pass along a few words of encouragement. A concussion recovery can be extremely isolating and unpredictable; it means a lot to hear positive words from a mentor.

2. Join the New Tough Concussion Awareness Campaign.
Become a New Tough Athlete and engage (in any capacity you wish) in Headway Foundation’s annual Concussion Awareness Weekend to promote a safer sports culture surrounding concussions. We ask that you post one social media post prior or during this weekend (2018-2019 Concussion Awareness dates are TBD). Read more about New Tough here and check out videos from previous weekend here:

If you are interested in becoming a New Tough Athlete Ambassador, please complete the form below and Headway will reach out to answer any questions you may have and explain the next steps of the process.

Thank you for supporting those with this unpredictable injury and for taking steps to promote a safer sports culture surrounding concussions.

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Where do/did you play? Why are you motivated to help? In what capacity do you see yourself helping?